The person we were going to for our taxes is located in Orange County and it is a little far for us to go this year, especially with gas prices the way they are. Since the person who prepares your taxes receives personal information, we really wanted to find someone we could trust. You were highly recommended to us by our niece & nephew - Analese and Hector Soria. They couldn't say enough nice things about you. They said you were personable, honest & knowledgeable. After meeting with you and having our taxes done, we feel the same way and would recommend you without hesitation. It was a very good experience and we were satisfied with the results. Your office is professional and convenient for us and we appreciated not having to drive 60 miles. We look forward to seeing you at least once a year and we will definitely call you with any questions during the year. Thank you again!

Steven & Pearl Jacobs
Personable, Honest & Knowledgeable